We offer a wide range of services which range from topic selection till thesis writing and everything in between

Topic Selection

Every research scholar dreams to select the right topic based on their interested area of the study. Topics play a vital role in every research as the entire study depends on the topic. We have domain experts who will help in suggesting Unique and Fresh topics so that you can select something that you would love to work on.

Proposal Development

Our Subject experts know how important a research proposal is, as it is a backbone for any research as entire research work depends on the research proposal. Research Graduate has experienced experts to help you in identifying the unique research objectives and methodology. We shall help you in developing the research as per the university guidelines and the expected standards. 

Statistical Analysis

Analysis plays a vital role in any research, our statistical team will help you with the proper analysis and the detailed interpretation. Our statistical team is well versed with all the techniques. The team knows how tests are needed and how to interpret it analytically. We shall also provide you a brief explanation document on the analysis work.


You need to understand the problem statement first and implementation requirements. Our developer team gives you the best suggestion for the implementation and also helps you in completing the work and understanding the work. We have a developer’s team who can help you with the plan of work and complete implementation. You will have many discussions with our technical team and developer team while work is in process.

Research Paper Writing

It is mandatory for every scholar to develop a research paper on the selected topic. You need to develop a unique and new research paper to get approval by the targeted journal.  Working on a research paper is a value addition to any research  and It is like a mini version of a thesis, as you need to do a complete research task to complete a research paper. Always target good impact factor journals which add more value to your career and research work. 

Review Paper Writing

We would suggest every research scholar to do a review paper before starting the research work. It is very important to know more about your domain of research and what other research scholars have done till now so that you can easily understand the topic/ domain you have selected. Working on a review paper helps you better understanding of the selected domain and you can identify research gap.

Chapters Writing

Each chapter of the Ph.D. thesis is equally important. While the introduction prepares the foundation for the study, the literature review tells about the references you use and the research design gives it a certain direction. We can help you outline each chapter to complete the Ph.D. thesis chapters writing quickly.

Thesis Writing

You should have a good research proposal to start with thesis writing. We shall plan accordingly to help you in writing all the chapters required to complete the thesis. There is a lot more work you need to complete before starting  thesis writing, the Research graduation team will be there with you to help you with complete thesis writing. Once writing chapters are approved we shall help you in editing and formatting as per the guidelines shared by the university. 

Masters Dissertation Writing

We help you with your Masters Dissertation. It requires alot of effort to compile a dissertation. It’s better to have external guidance while writing your dissertation. We can proudly say that we have completed more that 400 dissertation writing projects from all around the world.


We know that editing kills more time for every scholars.Our team of editors will help you in editing with the expected timelines.Be it editing as per the comments received, advanced level editing, simple editing, our editors team will help you with any sort editing requirements. We have experienced editors to complete the work in shorter timelines by following the guidelines shared.


Our editor team will help you with the proofreading for all the research paper, thesis writing and report writing within the given timeline. We have experienced editors to complete the work in shorter timelines by following the guidelines shared. Our team shall cover all the grammatical errors, typographical errors and formatting in proofreading.


Our editors team will strictly adhere to the guidelines and rules shared by the client/ university or Journal. So that we could bring the right shape to the thesis and research paper. We shall help scholars in formatting to save time.

What Scholars say about Research Graduate

Probably the best research consultancy in India. I have to say that consultants in India are very good. They have good subject knowledge and communication skills. I got my topic and proposal developed from research graduate.
Nur Huda
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I got my research paper written by experts from research graduate. I have to say, they are very professional. Safe payment methods and delivery of work was done in advance. They helped me with free publication help as well.
Ankita H
Delhi, India
I am a PhD candidate from Kolar and needed help with thesis writing as my English is not very good. Really liked the way the research graduate helped me with my thesis. Even recommended two of my friends.
Swathi Singh
Kolar, India
In the middle east, we usually struggle with our writing skills. I was lucky enough to find research graduate that helped me with my research proposal, research papers and at the end thesis. I would recommend research graduate.
Noor Ali Raza
United Arab Emirates